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A Comprehensive Guide On In-Vitro Fertilization

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In Vitro-Fertilization has changed and revolutionized the chances of pregnancy for women who are unable to get pregnant. Since 1987, around nine million babies have been born because of IVF or other reproductive technologies. 

Facts to Consider Before the IVF Procedure

But you must know IVF is not the silver bucket for infertility. The process is complicated and pretty confusing to navigate. There are a lot of medications, such as Menopur, etc., involved in the procedure that one must take with care and complete dedication without missing. Let us talk about some facts you must consider before starting the process.

  • IVF works the best for younger women

IVF is mostly talked to be suitable for women over the age of 35 years. But like all the things connected to fertility, IVF is also a better option and works better for younger women. That is because there are higher chances of a successful procedure. The success rate decreases as you age or, as you say in your mid-thirties. 

  • Begin With a Fertility Test 

Whether you want to get pregnant or have a baby now or want to wait for some time, it is always beneficial to know where your body’s fertility stands. It is easy to access with the help of some affordable at-home hormone tests. The hormone tests measure the levels of anti-Müllerian hormone in your body. It indicates your ovarian reserves which means how many eggs you have at the moment.

  • IVF is not always the first available option 

Many women think IVF would be the only first option they have to go for pregnancy if it is not possible naturally. But in reality, many doctors will try for a natural pregnancy first. If you are up to 30 to 35 years of age, you must try for at least six months. If it does not work, then move to the other available options. Your doctor might also likely try oral or injectable fertility medications before going for the IVF procedure. However, there are some exceptions where your doctor may recommend you IVF in the first go. It can be multiple miscarriages, low sperm count, low AHM levels, genetic disorders, etc.

  • IVF Comes at a Cost

You might have heard IVF is expensive. There is no lie in it. Although several financing plans can help you with the procedure costs, let us tell you the price tag can still be steep.

  • IVF Require Patience 

One of the biggest misconceptions people have related to IVF is that it works its magic the first time, and you will get pregnant. In reality, women have to go through more than one cycle of IVF to get pregnant successfully. There are cases of IVF failing even if the woman follows a healthy diet and exercises. There are several genetic factors that doctors can not control.

  • IVF is not an easy Path To Pregnancy

The most important thing one must remember is that IVF is not always 100% successful. The process takes time, patience, and even an emotional toll on your and your family’s life.

Tips to Follow During the IVF Procedure

IVF has several steps to follow. You must follow every step carefully without any room for mistakes to make the process successful. Mistakes can affect the entire procedure. Let us talk about some tips that you can follow during your IVF procedure. 

  • Try to Keep the Fun Alive 

The IVF cycle can be a little tiring. But it does not mean you have to rest and be on your bed the entire day. Try to do activities that help you relax and make your mind calm and stress-free. But also do not go overboard with the activities. Most women try to do a lot during the process’ beginning that eventually makes their body even more stressful. So do not let your calmness go and keep doing some fun stuff and activities like yoga, mediation, etc.

  • Eat Good Food and Pamper Yourself 

Your doctor would have recommended you to follow a good, gracious, and healthy diet to prepare for IVF treatment. Now is the time to continue with that for some more time to ensure IVF’s success. You are the main element of the IVF procedure. So, make sure you treat yourself accordingly. Pamper yourself as much as you can. Treat yourself in a constructive way that will make you feel better and stress-free. 

  • Neutrality 

Staying positive is near too impossible during your IVF procedure. That is why it is better to accept both sides of the story, whether positive or negative. You must always remember that the IVF procedure may or may not give you positive results. If by God’s grace you get pregnant, there is nothing better and more blissful than that. But, if you fail, you should not blame it on yourself, your doctor, or other people. You need to prepare yourself for the worst while preparing for the good.

  • Be Well Organized

One of the most important things to take care of during your IVF procedure is to be very well organized regarding your medications like Menopur, the dosage of medicines, and regular doctor visits. Most doctors will make a complete schedule for the doctor visits and changes in lifestyles. We recommend you to keep an extra supply of your medicines so that there is no stress of them getting out of stock at the last minute. Try not to indulge yourself in a situation that might increase your stress or put your schedule at stake. Be organized and do everything in a proper and orderly manner.

  • Backhand Plan

No matter what you do or wherever you go, you must always prepare yourself with a ‘plan B’ for the worst-case scenarios. Be very practical and accept the fact that your IVF procedure can fail. Therefore, it is better to have a backhand plan. Never keep your hopes too high and blame everything when things do not turn out accordingly. 


The IVF treatment works with patience. So you need to prepare yourself for that. Be careful when you look for answers or medicines on the internet. Make sure to check and consult your doctor before taking any step, be it small or big. If you are looking for affordable yet high-quality IVF medicines, visit TownDrugStore. To know Menopur, Lupron DepotFollistim AQ cartridge 900 IU prices, visit their website.

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