About Us


We realized that we have an opportunity to help people by bringing them top-quality medications – at a substantial saving. We can offer people a chance to literally get out of their debt by freeing up thousands of dollars a year if they purchase IVF Meds from www.TownDrugStore.com

www.TownDrugStore.com is a pharmacy specializing in prescription medication – that offers service both via our Toll-free number and via our online Website – www.TownDrugStore.com. We are a full-service Pharmacy offering a high level of quality and service. Unlike your local pharmacy – TownDrugStore dramatically reduces the cost of the IVF Meds we sell – both because we source them from Israel – a country known for its innovativeness and stringent quality control – and because we sell IVF Meds via our website and phone sales and do not need to maintain an expensive store.

We are not a new pharmacy – our pharmacists have more than 20 years of experience. Every order we receive is personally reviewed by our in-house Physician and our Pharmacist. We do not fill an order without a proper prescription. Part of our order process is a short – but important – questionnaire that asks our customer health questions – so that we can be sure that we are giving you the best service possible.

TownDrugStore is part of Broder Pharmacy in Beit Shemesh Israel located at 15 Derech Yitzchak Rabin.

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