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  • Order number: 100006559
  • Date: July 28, 2021
  • Total: $1,527.00
  • Payment method: Credit Card

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Product Total
MENOPUR (MENOTROPINS) | Sold as : FSH+LH | MFG : FERRING - 75 IU FSH AND 75 IU LH - 5 INJ (No Needles) × 8 $1,428.00
Subtotal: $1,428.00
Shipping: $99.00 via Expedited Shipping (6 -10 Business Days)
Payment method: Credit Card
Total: $1,527.00
Note: Please check the order with my quantity ordered.
Date of Birth:11/29/1982
Patient First Name:Ashlee
Patient Last Name:Arceneaux

File: Menopur.pdf