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 1. What does TownDrugStore.com do?

A: TownDrugStore is a Pharmacy specializing in prescription medication - that offers service both via our Toll free number and via our online Website – www.TownDrugStore.com.      We are a full service Pharmacy offering a high level of quality and service. Unlike your local pharmacy – TownDrugStore dramatically reduces the cost of the medications we sell – both because we source them from Israel – a country know for its innovativeness and stringent quality control - and because we sell via our website and phone sales and do not need to maintain an expensive store. 

2.  What made you start TownDrugStore.com?

A: Let’s face it money is tight today. There are an unprecedented number of people out of work – many of them without healthcare plans or with limited plans. Furthermore, many people lost tremendous amounts of their saving in the stock market crash – money they were counting on to live.
We realized that we have an opportunity to help people by bringing them top quality medications – at a substantial saving. We can offer people a chance to literally get out of their debt by freeing up thousands of dollars a year if they purchase medication fromwww.TownDrugStore.com. 

3.  What qualifies you to offer this service?

A: We are not a new pharmacy – our pharmacists have more than 20 years of experience. Ever order we receive is personally reviewed by our in-house Physician and our Pharmacist. We do not fill an order without a proper prescription. Part of our order process is a short – but important – questionnaire that asks our customer health questions – so that we can be sure that we are giving you the best service possible.

4.  Why should a customer buy from you – and not from their local Pharmacy?

A: Good question. I can answer that with a question – Do you want to save money? Do you realize how much money you are spending on your prescription medications? By purchasing your prescription medications from www.TownDrugStore.com you can save anywhere from 10-150% off the cost of what you are paying today!
So for the same brand medications or for superior generics (like from Teva – the world’s leading generic manufacturer) you could save a bundle of money and feel rest assured that the quality is the same or better. TownDrugStore is just like your local pharmacy – just better!

5.  Can you give us an idea what a customer would typically save by ordering from you?

A:Typically customers will save anywhere from 50% - 80% on their medications.

6.  How do I order?

A: We offer outstanding convenience with 2 simple methods of ordering:
           i.      You can just go to our Website at www.TownDrugStore.com and search for your medication by name and then place it in your shopping basket. Once you have located all your medications – you proceed to checkout. No waiting in line! You can even set up auto-reorder and we will automatically send your medications before they run out.
           ii.      By Phone – just call our customer service department at 1-800-834-4654 and tell them what you need – we will tell you how much it costs – and process your order on the phone.
In both cases you or your doctor needs to send us your prescription. 

7. Can I get a refund on my order?

A: In general once we have shipped medications we are not allowed to take them back – as required by law. However, there are two conditions that we will issue a full refund

     a. If the medications do not arrive in the time period promised (see the shipping times) – then we will be happy to issue a complete refund. The conditions for a full refund in such a situation are simple and clear:

*The box of medications must not be opened.
*The box must be returned to us – either by refusing acceptance or asking the post office to send it back.
*Once we receive the box of medications back – unopened – we will issue a full refund.

         b. If the medication arrive damaged. If they arrive damage we require photographic proof and that you contact us so we can decide how to best service you.


    8. Is there a charge for shipping?

    A: Yes we have a simple fee schedule as described below:


    Type of Shipping Cost* Speed



    5-9 Business Days

    Regular IVF shipping


    10-14 Business Days

    Expedited IVF Shipping $99

    6-10 Business Days

    *Price will flucutate a bit

    Orders placed from Saturday - Wednesday (9AM EST) will usually ship the next day. Orders placed from Thursday - Friday ship the following Sunday.



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