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TownDrugStore.com is proud to offer the finest medications and tremendous discount!

Consider this:

 1. We sell the same brand name medicines you are comfortable and familiar with. Name such as Merck, GSK, Pfizer and others.

 2. We offer quality generics at even further discounts. Our generic medications meet and exceed all of the FDA requirements. Our medicines are sourced from Israel - which has standards recognized by the FDA. As a matter of fact - the world largest generic medication manufacturer is Teva - an Israeli company.

 3. We have a staff of trained and educated Pharmacists and Doctors who review each order.

 4. We Guarantee our quality or your money back!!

 5. We sell the same medicines for LESS then the competition.

Some Examples (as of 3/2015):






Follistim 900IU




Gonal F 450IU




Menopur (10 Injections)

$359 $1529 $1493

Ganirelix  250MCG - 1INJ

$64 $186 $181


6. Did we mention our great customer service?

If you have any questions please contact us at: Sales @ TownDrugStore.com